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Welcome to YogaAnne!

about yogaanne yoga for anyone, anytime, anywhere

We founded this company to bring yoga to a broader audience and to allow yoga to be practiced by anyone, anytime, and anywhere no matter what skill or experience level! We are passionate about making yoga accessible to those who might not think they can fit yoga into their schedule. Sometimes, a traditional studio practice just isn’t feasible or conducive to someone’s busy lifestyle and that is where we come in!

In this ever-changing age of technological advances to make things quicker and more readily available, we saw an opportunity to utilize such technology to bring the joy, relaxation, and bliss of yoga to anyone, anywhere in the world. At YogaAnne.com, you can enjoy unlimited yoga videos for just $28 a month, from anywhere in the world through online streaming.

Our yoga flows are designed and led by our inspiring, fun-loving, and happiness-exuding yoga instructors in gorgeous locations around the world. 8 minutes of yoga several times a day is the perfect way to re-energize, chill out, and re-focus your energy.

Love and Good Things,