I’ve never done yoga before – is YogaAnne right for me?

Absolutely! YogaAnne was created with everyone in mind—from the yoga newbie to the experienced practitioner.

I’m a little hesitant to practice yoga at my office…help!

This is understandable! That’s why we have created yoga for the office level 1 and 2. Level 1 is perfect for those who are a little unsure of practicing in the office space – the poses in these videos can all be done from sitting in your chair and you won’t be seen from outside a cubicle! The level 2 videos incorporate standing poses where you have to get out of your chair.

How do I make time in my schedule?

We created these videos with just that question in mind. Sometimes an hour long practice at a studio just won’t cut it. That is why all of our videos are 8(ish) minutes long! It is the perfect amount of time to reap the benefits of some yoga but also to fit into your day – instead of a coffee break perhaps? Before dinner? In between doing laundry and doing the dishes?

How does YogaAnne choose their yoga instructors?

We choose instructors through a selection process – during which we have potential applicants discuss their passion for teaching, what types of flows they would teach at YogaAnne, and why they are excited about the opportunity. We want to make sure our instructors are knowledgeable, playful, fun, and love what they do. All our intsructors are registered with Yoga Alliance, have completed at least 200 hour RYT national training, and are insured.

How do I know which flow is right for me?

We have taken care of that for you! We have composed a description for each of our yoga flows that give you an idea of what types of poses will be completed in each flow as well as what benefits you will find through doing the postures – feeling sleepy and lackluster? Try energize my day yoga! Also all our videos are searchable with “tags” you can search by mood, body part, or pose.

When will more videos be released?

We release new videos each month. Keep an eye out on our social media sites to see when we will be launching the latest and greatest! And we’ll be sure to highlight our new videos on the Home Page.

Who is YogaAnne?

YogaAnne is Anne Lindsley – the founder of YogaAnne. Anne started the company in 2012 as a way for her to share the joy of yoga with a much broader audience than she could reach in her in-person classes. Anne believes in finding joy and lightness in all things and takes this approach in teaching yoga. She has been a lifelong yoga practitioner and started a serious studio practice in 2010. She received her teaching certificate in Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Yoga in 2012. Anne lives in Portland, OR. When she isn’t practicing yoga or creating yoga flows, she enjoys exploring Portland’s vibrant dining scene.

Why 8 minutes?

We’ve found that 8 minutes is the magic number! It is just enough time to practice some key poses to achieve results but short enough to fit into your busy schedule. The idea for the 8 minutes originated when YogaAnne helped Cheetah Learning with their yoga program that held short yoga-breaks during their project management courses.

Do I need props or special clothes?

Nope! Our flows are designed so that you can practice yoga anywhere and anytime – no matter what you are wearing or what props you have available to you. Some of our office flows are designed to be skirt-friendly! Search for skirt-friendly flows using the search bar or by checking out the tags.

I want to learn more about yoga.

Check out our blog! We write informative yoga pieces as well as lifestyle pieces so that you can get a sense of who we are here at YogaAnne!

I think this would be great for my entire office – is there a group deal?

Yes! Just send us an email with a little more information – how many people are in your office and who we can get in touch with at your office to discuss details. Our email address is share@yogaanne.com.

I’m having account trouble

Please send an email to share@yogaanne.com so we can help you through it!