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  • Computer Relief

    Got achy hands and wrists? Computer Relief to the rescue! Enjoy a fun series of finger, hand, wrist and shoulder stretches to relieve tension in your joints, sending new energy through you to invigorate your body and spirit.

  • Energize Your Day Office

    Feeling fatigued? Energize will lift your spirits by sending a healthy dose of fresh oxygen through your system with rhythmic breathing patterns linked to fun, energizing poses.

  • Love Your Low Back Yoga Office

    Low back trouble? Stretch your hip flexors and quads, strengthen your abdominals, take some gentle twists, loosen your back muscles, and improve your posture in Loving Your Low Back Yoga.

  • Make Me Happy Yoga Office

    Feeling sad? Make Me Happy Yoga offers backbends and heart openers to expand your heart and lift your spirits.

  • Meditation for the Office

    Ready to tune your mind? Your mind requires periodic tuning just like a guitar. Our meditation series will leave you feeling tuned-up, and refreshed.

  • Stress Reducing Yoga Office

    Freaking out? Stress-reducing Yoga helps to calm you down, and clear your mind as you move with fluidity through a series of postures that focus on steady breathing, thus guiding you through a healthy escape from everyday pressures.

  • Tension Tamers for the Office

    Need some stress relief? This series takes you on a mini-vacation, letting go of tension in the hips, shoulders and head with stretching and massage techniques. Return to the business of your day feeling lighter and happier!

  • Yoga With A Twist Office

    Need to detox? Yoga with a Twist will gently wring out your organs to send fresh blood circulating through your system.